Flash CS6- Web Page Graphics/Animation Software

DeAnza Instructor - Patricia Holmes B.S.B.A, MBA, M.A. Instructional Technology, Three California Teaching Credentials


Hello, and welcome to Flash CS6 Graphic/Animation software. I am very happy you are taking this course as I believe Flash software can be a very valuable tool to creating fantastic animation within web-pages. I hope you leave this course having a greater understanding of the capabilities of Flash, along with a sense of accomplishment. If you need to contact me, the best way is to email me at I check this email account several times a day. Please allow 48 hours for me to reply to your email. Many times, I reply within a few hours, but sometimes I have a lot to grade. If you feel you need to talk to me in person, please contact me prior (email) to assure our meeting time. Please note this online class has no class meetings so thoroughly reading the syllabus will help you have a successful start to an excellent class.

What is Flash CS6
Flash CS6 is professional standard software, used in industry, to produce high-impact web pages. Hi-impact is another term for extremely impressive. Flash CS6 has become much more user friendly than previous versions, and will allow you, as a web designer, to create animated pages. This course will teach you how to understand your way around the software tools, use graphics and text, use symbols and instances, use sound, create animation, use basic interactivity, use action scripts, publish and export your Flash work.

The class is located at
The layout of the course is such that if you follow along with the due dates and complete
assignments the instructor has given, you will be proficient in Flash software. Do not allow yourself to get behind or simply not
complete the work.
I strongly recommend you work ahead of schedule if at all possible.

How do you send me your online work? Attach the .swf files to an email and send to
Many students have server sites they post their work on. This is a good option too. Just send me your linked URL.

When you are working on your .fla file, which is the work-in-progress file, Flash will create a .swf file when you press CONTROL+ENTER
This .swf file is what you turn in for grading. It is saved in the same location you saved your .fla file.

Drop Policy
Students may be dropped from the class if they not been active in the class for more than two weeks.
Because the class software tracks each students login and activity, non participants may be dropped.

Regarding students who wish to drop themselves from the class....
"It is not the responsibility of the instructor to drop a student. The student must officially drop classes in which s/he no longer wishes to be enrolled."

Academic Honesty
Academic honesty and integrity is expected from each student. Cheating and plagiarism will result in
the student receiving a failing grade.

Students are required to have email and Internet access for the class. Students must make sure they receive my class emails by verifying their mailboxes are not full. Also, students must make sure my class emails are not accidentally going into the Junk Mail file. It is the students responsibility to assure email authenticity on their end.

Software for the class…
You can take the class without buying the software if you're flexible. Here are your options.
1. Google "Flash CS6 Trial Version" and you will find many links. Download the trial version and use this for 30 days. Also, you can download another trial version on a different computer for another 30days and use the computer lab to finish the class. Flash is on many the computers in the lab at Deanza.
3. If you plan on using Flash in the future consider buying it. There are several web sites that offer discounts for students.
5. You will need to download the latest Flash Player (free) -

Course work to turn in:
Twenty Hands on Training exercises, 20pts each= 400
Four Mini-projects, 50 pts each= 200
Four large Projects, 100 points each= 400
Total Points available to earn=1000

Grade or Pass/No Pass Points
A 1000-900
B 899-800
C 799-700
D 699 and below

*Must have a "C" or higher average to receive Pass credit. This is a Pass/No
Pass course. No letter grade will be given.

Hardware requirements/Technology
Download the lastest Flash Player by going to
You will need a computer and internet access for the class. You will also need a reliable email system.

Textbook and materials: ( NOT REQUIRED FOR CLASS)
Book is required as you will be turning in work.
Title: Flash CS6 Professional
Author: Katherine Ulrich
Publisher: Peachpit Press
ISBN: 0-321-59192-5